How To Become More Peaceful

anxiety beliefs growth tips Dec 09, 2022
Peaceful woman

How can I experience more peace in my life?

Learn to become a peaceful person.

Many people struggle with the painful emotions that are triggered by negative people and situations in life.

When these emotions persist, they become our mood.
When these moods last, they become our temperament.
When this temperament goes on for long enough, it shows up as our personality traits.
Our personality traits shape our habits of thinking, feeling and behavior.
Because we don’t know how this process works, we excuse our behaviors with “that’s just the way I am”.
We don’t realize that the “way we are” is not how we started out.
We simply repeat the same thoughts, feelings and behaviors that our acquired personality traits dictate.
Without knowing how we got to where we are, we begin to identify with these patterns.
We become needy, distrustful of ourselves and others, shy, overly sensitive, we tend to overthink things, lose our temper easily, get attached too quickly or have trouble connecting with others…
We become anxious, fearful and worrisome, bitter and angry, unable to control our emotions, we attract the “wrong people”, we have trouble letting go, communicating boundaries and standing up for ourselves, and doubtful of our abilities…
😫 For many, these patterns are self-reinforcing and compound over time to the point where we feel like we’re breaking down.
But is this the type of person you really want to be? Probably not, if you had the choice.
But here’s the secret: you DO have the ability to choose differently, and transform your pain into peace.
But first you have to realize that who you become is YOUR responsibility.
You can’t expect to remain who you are and things to magically get better.
Because so many people don’t understand how to do this, change seems like a long, painful and difficult process.
They doubt their ability to make real change happen for themselves, and many give up hope for a better life.
But it is possible for us to heal our inner wounds and return to a natural state of peace, love, contentment and positivity.
When we go beyond just talking about our problems and address the root cause, everything changes.
When we heal the source of our painful emotional responses to the challenges we face, every area of our lives can improve, quickly.
So the first question that must be answered is “am I going to do what is necessary and get the help I need to heal so I can get back to creating the life I dream of?”
Once you’ve decided that you MUST find a way, the Universe will conspire to support you. You will be brought to the people, the information, the processes and the insights that can change your life.
You will find after all that you DO have the energy and the will to put your past behind you once and for all.
Reclaiming your power to heal your life is the most important thing you can do. You were not born to suffer endlessly, but rather to learn, be tested, and overcome.
For it is in overcoming our challenges that we grow and evolve. It is by being tested that we find out what we’re truly made of.
Once you know what you’re made of, how magnificent and wonderful you truly are, your life will never be the same.
You’ll enjoy greater peace and purpose in your life, and the lives of those who cross your path will be changed for the better as well.
You’ll be able to look back on your past struggles and smile, knowing that everything that happened served a purpose. They gave you the opportunity to experience more richness in life.
Peace of mind, good health, and abundance in all areas of life can be yours. But you must be willing to participate in creating that reality.
It starts with humble desire, and a willingness to step up to the plate.
“Ask, and you shall receive”, but also “God helps those who help themselves.”

You can transform your pain into peace as soon as the moment you show up willing to transform yourself.

Take an active role in the evolution of your consciousness, and you can "become the peace you seek."