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Our mission is to provide you with personalized support and resources to assist you in transforming your life into one with greater joy and purpose, less pain and stress, better relationships, more vibrant physical and emotional health, greater balance and effectiveness, and increased resilience to life’s challenges.

Stephanie McPhail

Transformational Coach, Published Author, and Speaker

My Story

I became committed to helping others after going through my own personal crisis. I am normally someone that can deal with life's stress pretty well, but at 35 years old and recently divorced, I suddenly found myself faced with legal issues, the death of my grandmother, a blood clot and a difficult break up all within a 3 month span. After spending nearly a month and a half feeling depressed and helpless, having a tough time getting through the day, I started to think about what lessons I could learn from the experience.My search for answers led me to explore natural and complementary techniques that honored my inner wisdom and ability to heal, and my life was transformed as a result. I became aware that many others today are also looking for answers and the means to recreate the “less than satisfying” aspects of their lives. Transformational coaching, nutritional counseling, Reiki and energy psychology can make dramatic improvements in your life a reality today. I invite you to explore our site and discover the methods that are getting proven results for our clients. Join us and discover that your greatest life may lie just ahead!


Stephanie received her BS in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz and her double Masters in Education and Health from Hofstra University.  Her experience working as a specialist, trainer and educator for a crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline led to her passion for educating people on how to live their most fulfilling lives.

Her pursuit of continuing education led to additional certifications in nutrition, various teaching modalities,  and working with special needs children, all of which contributed to her broad perspective on wellness. Possessing an innate awareness of our energetic nature, Stephanie was led to become certified as a level 2 Reiki practitioner.  Recognizing a greater calling to inspire others to achieve results reflective of their true potential, she became a Transformational Coach and was certified as a Dream Coach®, enabling her clients to gain clarity on their true purpose and create a workable action plan to make their greatest dreams a reality.

David Charon

Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator, Certified Trainer/Speaker

Through a process of spiritual self-discovery and a search for physical and emotional healing over the course of many years, David found his calling in sharing with others his extraordinary results with holistic health and energy medicine.  David has been a Reiki practitioner since 2007, helping clients realize a natural state of balance in which deep relaxation, stress relief and pain relief occur quickly and easily.

After exploring the pioneering work of renowned cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, David was led to pursue advanced training in a method of energy psychology known as PSYCH-K®.  PSYCH-K® is a unique blend of various tools for change, derived from contemporary neuroscience research and ancient mind/body wisdom, that facilitates rapid transformation of self-limiting and self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs into those that support full expression of our potential as spiritual beings having a human experience.  Either of these modalities can be effectively implemented through in-person sessions or remotely via phone or skype