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Brilliant Life Blueprint

If you are ready to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships, end self-sabotage and become the best version of yourself so you can easily create and attract the best that life and love have to offer, the Brilliant Life Blueprint program will give you the guidance, support and tools to guarantee your success!

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One On One Coaching

A one hour coaching session with Stephanie to begin unpacking your emotional baggage and shifting your trajectory in life to a happier destination. Gain the expert guidance and support to create healthier relationships, better health and more peace, passion and purpose in your life.

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PSYCH-K® High-Speed Mindset Change

Quickly and easily transform your subconscious mind to eliminate chronic stress and anxiety, end self-sabotage and align your core beliefs with your highest dreams and goals. Shift from being your own worst enemy to your greatest ally and improve all areas of your life!

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Self-Paced Online Programs

Brilliant Life Blueprint (Core)

This self-paced course includes lifetime access to video trainings, journaling exercises, worksheets, guided meditations and more, to give you the wisdom and insight to gain powerful self-discovery and mastery of healthy relationships so you can begin to create a new chapter in your life story.

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Codependent To Independent

Rediscover yourself and reclaim your power to create your best life by breaking the cycle of toxic relationships and mastering healthy ones. This in-depth video course guides you step by step through Stephanie's Being Loved Shouldn't Hurt workbook with recorded video coaching sessions by Stephanie herself.

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Creating Healthy Relationships Mini-Course

A collection of over 20 of our most popular training videos. You'll discover how you got into the cycle of unhealthy relationships, how to break the cycle so you never settle for less than you deserve, understand the mind of toxic partners, easily recognize red flags,‚Äč and learn what a healthy relationship looks like.

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Packages and Bundles

Accountability Session Package

Four (4) weekly 15 minute sessions to assess your goals and habits and help keep you on track by supporting the simple daily actions that will compound to help you make transformation in your life and relationships a reality.

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