Frequently Asked Questions

How is Life/Relationship Coaching Different Than Other Methods?

Life/relationship coaching differs significantly from other methods like consulting and therapy. Unlike consultants who provide solutions based on their expertise and then leave implementation to you, life coaches actively guide you through the process of making changes, developing new skills, and achieving goals. This ongoing support helps transform knowledge into actionable wisdom.

Additionally, life coaching is distinct from therapy, as it doesn't focus on past issues or trauma. Instead, life coaches concentrate on the present and future, helping clients set and reach personal and professional goals. This approach is particularly suited to individuals who are generally successful and healthy but might be feeling stuck or seeking significant life changes.

Life coaching also incorporates elements from sports coaching like challenging limitations and focusing on goals, but it is non-competitive and personalized. A life coach acts as an objective professional—unlike a best friend who might withhold tough truths to preserve the friendship—ensuring that the coach's primary focus is your growth and success.

In summary, life coaching provides a supportive partnership where you can progress faster and more effectively towards the life and relationships you desire.

How Can Stephanie's Coaching Help Me?

Stephanie's background, including years of education, research, training and personal experience struggling with and then breaking the cycle of unhealthy relationships uniquely qualifies her to meet you where you're at, empathize with you and help you understand yourself and your situation at a deep level. She will guide you to craft a life that inspires you, and give you actionable steps you can implement immediately and help keep you accountable to start making the changes that will make a difference in your trajectory.

How Does Coaching with Stephanie Work?

You will meet with Stephanie privately on a Zoom call online. She will help you identify worthy goals for yourself, guide you to the insights and distinctions you need to pivot, and give you exercises and homework to begin to take action on your dreams.

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How Else Can Stephanie and David Help Me?

Depending on your commitment to your personal healing and growth, and your willingness and ability to invest in yourself to create a better future, Stephanie and David offer no-cost training resources, individual one on one sessions, exclusive membership communities and self-paced online courses.

For more information on our services, please visit our services page.

If you're ready to take action and want our personalized guidance toward the best additional resources to support you on your journey (whether you become a client or not), book your complimentary Breakthrough call here.

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